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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  February 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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lne wvadan e catoget th sou l ro ca nlina ow. weand f canbeeel .>tter > en s let'totry e takouyou t in ela fithe eld. a weeare h fringourom r aas ucprodcoers ednfuswh on ere wtheytoant bu go ht we ave an gjeff wylanasho hn beeheat t dber arhilliny clcaton gnmpai . nla orvictrty paery thd e an we e arinlook tg atenhe honders pa onvilich whiwh is there e im ersandmps cat juseais l.ving hebut s re i, jeff tellhaus w t w itikas lce to bhain tomt ro as la hilliry cn ntoaerve h ct vis oriecchspeea is rtsho atime go. je ff? re >>erportoo: g y see ou. ha i o ve tthsay ine clir p mp ca iaignisn thm rooy toda thbreaa es h sigelof rs over y everenpercheof tpe 52 t rcen pe sh e e ony toda iherevan ne da. is th a wasdi can wdateuel nin ew oha irmpshs e waeddousdb by . t leelme tu l yowashe s ea cl bnsedcty viheory n re i lasrto s.vega d hear in aorryvevi cong ncin b ue er ovni beruendsa ers. eno smt a buall at in2-ll 5 48 ria enperc t. at thdi can tdatethook die po um to widay bth angeami -p exderesio nt t her siin tak g un prthe oud. le lit's .sten ma>>woyon: owu knam, i so, so th edrill s andulatef for
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msome dhaveedoubtbu us t we ne dover d ubteaqy oeach.therco [a lappe]us an isd th i oner s fo s u. >>t thais t.righ ithats arhilliny cl ngsayiudaatthami ry sort tha isarhilly toclin n. >> . th>> s at i jeffin f the ield we llwitc swi th tohe ndhen erso vi pa wlion ihichs erwh je weust ou thbeght rniesas nder ocome ut on e thagst e. d anit al smostedounde lika orvicteey spch frimom h . >>and frveom expry eert we ve han beeteinwirvieerng he on ag std e anouif y aroke lo ing ac s rose ths newt righnow it s wacta viory fornr be ie sa s.nderhese clo25d a po int ga jp in ustov mer a.onth
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the ndsacaers igmpan thinere nd hen.ersohnjore, we pp sursorte areokloating ay tod ke liic a v?tory >> ri noght w vioby ouslcayou n whsee e en ws it iqutoick pt emt.y ourinoght w no su tpporheers utre bnsla tifwahis s teie ssa lo b fore erniersandran bo nopedy ioplearauthe cedien er w srniersande blaudio!e bo y evermeti s she.poke r hechspee gotg bi, boos even th yougheaou hrd e thagmess e it was misitolar r heaomfrni bere a a ersand s. da e therntis eashusit m no just ioo ab saout s nderelhimsouf abe t th ue ea idats thha he had. an atd th is cllyearne cong ctin th wiot a l of pe eopleiaspeclly habr lepeope. her inand s hishpeec lasrnbe ie sa s nder wasquk quic ng colaratute ser natorelley une in clonton t wha co acismplwihed awhher en's chspeed an ytakeerou v
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se e chspee . >> an thu k yodaneva t forhe tr exinaordary orsupp ht we ave evachied a ldo no>> u w yohecan igar r ht th inere ct fath in owe cr th waere los a f t oomalisp t. y asiomenthened ll rea os cluted o . hewas a andistcot send ndbehi
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> >yo do hiu tt nk i wasa fa?ctor t>> i ihinkst wa a ctfaor. it is iesnter ttingveo ha h arry sreed'ay iom ntti cas ang e.vot pa iprtic. ate iandw knore the's l aot of lepeop who c ouldhavee gon to th uce cathus, idey d not. t dheytidn't wan to voice the vo te. d di tyoukhinat th thwaere s ou tr wbleithhe tpa cam,ignnd a. ldcou iic pked up c the'shef rsendoe. ? i >>nk thihu it imrt hh wita an rndk a lefi. oni d'tnk thihe tery woie gngo t do enrse,p keehe t prowe dry. nyoueedo t useou yrer pow when nyoueed tose uit . >> ndsaers,cc angordi to exit
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e thpa hisnic vo. ters and thein cularyot ve putim h up ether. d anli cnnto had a bigd lea in th efr a aicanicmeran vo. ters tand'shere partth of ein culary . vote >> el i bievehe t gyeavir the svoteo tsi pre odentbama and t dhattidn' go overel wlh wit thel ctoinns and ird heare the re we bad bloodet b tweenhe am ob aa'shend t inclston'. >>id i dn't snyee a residueor f af fect fthrom at. >> shea wnts thato tbe wrate u tnderhe gebrid. t >>ishis dr. rsanda, and this is ic mhael gree n. th yoank ryu veh mucforei bng it wsh und a getwn do theo t ltresus. >> t andhankou y m forg akinme lo maok srt.
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hawe lve aonght nig eaahd. an cdriovenge th rtsesulro fm thsouro ca. lina >>t' les teak alo closer rok fom ne a.vad iten depdedn o wpahat f rt othe st yoate reu alk taabing out. il>> h larytoclininn wning 52 pe ntrceth of e vote,nd ani bere nd sa 4ers8 perc ent. l et'soo lk here alt c carkyount nu rsmbe. w ifane cl pul them up cpolie. >> hlliclary ninto --as war we e it waing fheor tbe numors t cmeo -up - b didrette ,herend a iebernde sanidrs dte betpr u hnortd anth in eal rur earas. do h weave the nbeumorrs f the ff diterenrt pasf othe testa? >> 55 rpe,centla hilclry n,into ke inep n mibod, aut 70er ptcen of ptheatopul iionne nvada s live iherelan crk ntcouy. th aesere hujly siast.stan andug h elysiicgnif. ant a >> bnd iveeliey theip flped
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wa shoe co. unty d an p 46ntercer foil h lary toclinann, erd bsanie snder did mu chet bterit wh 54. an ds thiis ass le dveirse un coty. >> s are genoi pdnte ea,rly as fo her tmo detscrahe tre's a much ea gr oterfgr proveessind, aor me be li lralineang lapopu. tion >> youee s that sthialoricly, no t thatla c drkn'oeste hav th aat, wndith theat greer pu poonlati. t nory eve goneetso tal tk to yoeverelne hese re. >> g ri. ht >> q andlyuickou, yk looheat t ur ral eaars,ni berne sa gdersot ev heryt aingnd hryillant clion d dit prety . good an d howo expsedre a you? as aem dtocra l andraibe l in e thosasare. >> ouris dicusson with couentin. l hi claryonlint won with
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ho whe t dyo in sh outlicarona. lwil dd onalptrumwi ne?ther
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w webeill k bacr aftes.thi
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as e thov cgeeraon cestinu onhe t uc casusere here whela hilry cl onint t washen win aersndus jt ge gttin f ourirstry ve early tu re ornsfut o sthou olcar. ina wi th tehe ricpubl aansolre h der rthei imprsarie. t >>heol pls cdloset a 4. pm. ou re, timly earbe numrs rdacco tingo nbc,aldonumd trp nn wi aingt 36ce pernt, and its i a thwree-ay e,ti jeb shbu, and rc mabo rundio a --s thi j isust gbeinun co ttedehosum n abersre bj su tect ogechan. d an youk loo at kjohnhasic john he did so well, you ththouge h d woul bshowerett s in outh olcar ina. tanyhthougns oa tht? >> iou w'tldn shaay tutt soh ro ca alinasre aod meerat aeys th
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thei anten sentimst i st,rong lddonamp trums seebe to di leang inhe te ricpublan csaucu . here er the's atr song siarmility, na doruld toimp dngl, welt noa su serprind, az crus iin tryg to t dooel rusigiosi de. d an jebus bhs waut o w hithis br eroths thi week,nd a aoo gd inshoworg f himt a 16 enperct. he>> tasre wal tbk a toutyoda he wreth wher er onoth bus would dr utop oer afts thiec el. tion pr blobaoty n busecae heas w go tingo doo s . well and tarhey e tied aet th ttboom. h >>es i the gnoover orf oh,io and is t iaiv potalat stend a he ha ors me r,powe and it dn'oest se o em tbeea appglinpe to . ople p>> 1nterce r istepor iingn ou sarth caolin c youeean s and
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ha c ongeverhe t next ho. ur 'l wele bh wityouve e srytep why . away nd>> ah micael gre aen ondur re ntsideer exptsre aer h weith ndus a wee ar tgakin care of yteverhinge nvadacu caus . 2016 we an wt to fcuos onne of othe lo cacal lucusioocatn ant racho hi scgh . hool th e t ournut weras very, vy od gond, a it freavod be erni ersandsnd a gave him a mpbu. t leo's gut o to ke. lsi twha y doeeou s out there, ke lsi? >> i t isnot at thae wouare t ,heret is i a keyit se for iebernde sanndrs ail h lary toclinn. it s wasplit enevly,re thee wer twoin les out here. it isu qiet now,nd a it was pa ackednd be erniersands
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arhilliny cl otonhen ter oth d sinde, an chatingde louhar tn the ots.her ll hiclary nintoge tarted ig nehohbor jods lust tike his e, on i andt peerst tha ito wrk ul wod'l wel swhoou yom sf e othe si atesndou sdsnro foum z sdesi si tsghnd a sndouuts o here to day. [>>owcrchd tian].ng >> ee [ch.ring] >> you have two chcoi,es it is not about ohone c. ice >> i'm helping myea tmo tut p up ssign sohe twiy ll be interested and we'll win. we d nee a great erlead. >>ho ws ing goio t deecid this ne . vada >> ll a eyes oef th cryount are evon n radaight now. >>[c rowdanch].ting a >>ornd f ,mepe arsonlly i li beeve bieernde sanrsa risest i up to the chnallege, youknow, totu stasqu o. o>> yu don'to g o fn --, aith e'therens beot a ve.
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of -fice- nd [irnisce].ible > a>>ndt i weaas ramlly g azin mahow ouny yt just don'know un yog vs oterewer outrehe. 60ce pernt oef th patopul aionre nolatinds, ae som ofhe tm are enot 1ven8ea yrs old and they ca n'tn evetevo. y theare tgryin to sway de unedcider vothes reth at e gh hio schol. >> a ifinnythseg el i,t gets lepeopnv idolve in theit polical pr s.oces at th p's aivositae tke . away i >>t h isardo tsee t theurn ou t weck cheuted oh witn deise w weant to get the n,woma n,ma heon t st. reet e>> h is out at town sq. uare hyou baveeen tinalkgo ta nevda vo tersto. day twhae havyouea hrd fmrohe t op pehole wu yo mhaveutet o er the?
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>> l,wel rsfit, let's do ac sene tt se yer,caou en seot a l of mi fa oliesute her about for th seirdaatury ineveng. ofall m the shaveeenia socl di menda a t onvef borehe ty ar st tted fheirlyami nightha wt is t ill a autbo for the ca. ucus d an i fdoun a ferorm bblo. yist y.bobb u yonmacoe wer u youp bhtrig and lyear. i >> was cusaucingor fil h lary in cl. ton he>> t ousbvio esquti yon,rou hwinere? >> i'm thedrill. gi'mlad m sheadet i rth. ough wit aas sllma rgma. in i kthin i its erwond. ful >> iav heli feengha ttou ya hd qu onestis. as t toheo tne ofr you veoicf i it ld wou belyreal cl. ose y dohiou tnkt i wasng goibe to th clat ?ose >> no. i ththoug shewasoi gngo t n.wi isshe age larrrg main in -- un co ty. iand wasie relved by th. at
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l colegeds ki that went outor f rn beanie sders aend ww sa peeopl elik yeourslf who hasi ldve ttli ble litgeon ar sndnee se om heof tue isss. wh rat btough youut o tocu caus foril h laryinclton? i >>e havbeen h aryillain clton orsuppterro fm heri ftrs run. sh eke wordd har onsu isesor f n,womeil chn,dre for n,wome and th e deel. rly her. h>> w sichiteid d you caucus? >> r ove at dergo rani hchgh sool on the west desi. w >>ade h someep rsortt tha er three wepu comglter esitch at osomeef th tsies. h asow w itrg ozeani adtr you uc casius te? >> y theewerer tyribl er ovmewheld. th ine lase wy, verry ve long. do i thn't think xpey edecte as m panyeeopl toeg rerist for the fi tirst me. th waere los a t ofusconf. ion
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av gere h aid reo ttheau ccus. wsheas wita fingor ag lon meti. wein f gallyerot h t ino giretes r. they nwereotre pedpar for this, r fo theirste tim y.toda >> racongtitula ons. youor wkedd harh witan my orsthe iandtks looe likt ien w ftor hi arllcly toin hneern i nevada. >> bybob, t yhankerou vcy muh fo alr t tkingo . us 'lj weayl st out here. te vors had an chaoce tce voi th veirotesd an draemocts and blrepunsica aregh weiing ine her at n tow e.scar i itass ftcinaegin toe h pareeopl d soun foffor the hryilla in claton ernd bsanie snder mpca. >> yanou c s seeoy man ppleoe vo in,lved andha tounk yy ver fmuchhaor tndt aer intinestg rs petipecorve f . that w weant tog ditl litite be mor hein tum nbers in ne. vada ewstat hide,ryillant cliinon ws
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sa s'nder8s 4 pet.rcen en wh l youatook the detelega, 8 gelel dteegaso t 14 forni bere nd sa ers la>> crkou cesnti 7 out of 10 va nedaes rntides live. ithiss a big p oartef th te vors, hiy llartoclinidn d , very wveryell onhe t v lassega pestri,nd ani bernde sa nersot it quse al, wel a butoo gd op teposi. l wekoot a woeash co,untych whi a isnt couyer whe reno is lo d.cate w ifane ctc swiheh t nus.mber he tliy flop fp the nus,mber 46 r foil h claryonlintd, an4 5 for iebernnd sa ers. sles dseiver upre then dow here in clark tycoun. >> k we nowt thaer bsanie snder s ha aer very, vy sg tronk trac rrecomds aong enmills.nial
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po tipulaons factoredn io t his ct vi uoryp nd>> a fromer hey the gon o to h soutlicarofona, e r th crdemo aats,hend t rliepub cans are hngoldiir thema pri trieso so cauth narolito day. eif w go back t tohea erly n rsumbem fro sh ithisshe to hers reace ware wa ngtchiht rig now. if tcahey utn p up theum nbers mfroth souro ca. lina ether you go. >> is th is 1 pntercef o vtheote mi cong . in ikeepnn mid. t ashis veryly ear stgea,al dond um trayp w ahead a tshels pol ecsubjatted 35 menpercndt, a a rs hoe crae. o >>nlyar sepatedy b aew n enperc. tage nd>> aco mari rubo doesk loo li eke h is eindggut oor fo secnd pl . ace llwe' h see towhatti consnue to ve de alophes tve ening goes on. th lle pols c aoset 4 p.m. our e timouin sth canaroli. ly on 1 pnterceep rngortiar we e ctexpe tingehosum n tberso cr in oease tverehe noxt hur or s o.
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il h claryonlintam cnpaig wtcah p arty all day and aa pyrtt iwas as the nrsumbeer wemi congnd a t kheynew that theiran ctedida wa t pinullg ahead. w >>e saw her geiver h vtoicry ee spch. te sll ut wha you saw theo mment witasle chaar tet thet ns work edcallt thaarhilliny cl wtonon. >> s thila pce uper ted. ke liai i st d atheop t t ofhe raprogtm, i was aig shf o erelif. he wre'shihy ts vryicto iso s rtimpo fant torhela hilry cl ninto mpca, aignhait c tngeshe na ivrrate. sh are belyot g out of iaow iv alnde, a i shesn o the idsks. w hat the cigampanid do tday it newided lfitse.
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no w,er plyfect on. que ithis hs --onold . ta>> sghy riert the. th i think weat e arr hea ing thsome. ing we g areoing toe com backut o to you. i av he a verymp ianortert pson ne oxt t me. it wan toou yo tt meehe ta ldy o wht wans thi for hryilla in cl ton. hi>> t s isemy. u yoad hrs tean i your eyesp u th . ere oli td u,yo i hbeave en in the vo eluntnder aci pretnc ptca. ain ey th g aregoino t hdoler h up, an hed s ha asyslwaa hd oru back. 'm iou prfd oil hy lartoclinn, d an our luvorsntee. w >> whaton itr fou yo? >> t i was aom ctibinaonf o vi hailng h claryonlintou as r nd cae.idat e sha speoks the tu isses that ar mpe intorta to vaneda. ande wru tster hnd a wile bu t a
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thevo eelunt arsnd aicaptns, 120 g deree hweater,n i 1gr5 deee we r athenup i nore. c in'ould mt beore d.prou >> t whare a youe hgarinro fms la ve gas. myouade a shpu. t atndhe eth of e day, how cteffeiveas whe ? wh ichnd a u?yo te rms otif lalono set vog?tin >> ha wt ie hav seenll a day, la stino aren stadingi frm with ll hiclary n.into ssheenptor mane th y 30ears gh fi ftingor ,usro pngvidips tri oto sny maam fs,ilie 8 and ll misionos acrs. an ds kid and agh fiter on mi imiogratn rmrefo. sh ase hen be a fierght. an d theom citmuny setp ut righ
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>> er b snieerandans ck walyawa sh se wapo supose t --e wot g 48 enpercndt, aha wt lonesss duo yo a lernm froh tis crae? i mean, it was a l-nairbite and asit w sc ary. what lnsessoyo do u len?ar t >>heig btgesso lesn that we l ,earnha we ove t sticko tha wt wew.kno we w knoh tat the cdaandite is so ab tlutehe bet.s ouas y can ssee,wahe sti meeng hwit daneva reesidntshe wrehe ty a re. washe s lifdte up to day. she wonll a 6f othea csino it ses a sndoan mymp eyeloes and wo srkerto sody b r,he w sheedork d.har d anhe t oizrganersno kw that we ve ha her back,nd at lifer h up. he>> t focuss i on the ucaescus, at wh isex nt for ?you >> ndaeva isre inclydib po imtrtan to us. d ane ware going b touild it ng lom,-ter w andee ar stigckin
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>> you canre bathe aig sh of efreli. th yoank ryu vech mu m forngaki im tore f me. i >>pp aatrecie it. >> nk tha you. >> she runs the conlintam cgnpai eher in na.evad at thne's oie relved diinavidul. an hed s ran,y bwathe iy,n 0820 t inhe hryillant clicaon igmpan. sh eor wked with obaman i 2012. ar p otef thli cntonun grod game he wre,hol realy wasse verdn i ne vada dandton' etforg, in cls ton'onnatiamal cnpaig 0 208. so he kowns naevade lik the back isof h d.han va neasda w personal. ano mtterha whet tyer we yisang, is th a waser palson win for them to tnigh i iftad hn'ton ge their ,wayy thedwoule hav toe fac u toghs questionb aoutha wt haened .here ey th gett ouiva le a gndo fo drwar. its imp isires wvein for emth. e thec speath th w you atch
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washe ots ny onl skipeaong t the cr aowd,ndak speing to a na natiol diau. ence uc tohing oe n thtfliner wat is cr ais,ndhe tmese likon antin sc a,ali and f thealuneray tod in inwash dgton .c. ethose typsf ogsthin. ke li'm, i hineadg to xte aas,nd bi ills g toingloo coo,rads thi gh fitti connues andt tha'she t ne lie herhin tis llbam,rooha tt go het tge bighest cf er othe ni . ght it is aer vy rveeliedli cnton mp ca. aign s>> a i've ysaing,yo if reu a a rn beanie sders be srniersandepp sur,orte you thaveohe m aneyegnd los tep ke it ingog. th sis i oneatste. >> t byhe way,f i i ptivoo t the re icpubl wans, atchbje's nrumbes in th sou canaroli. he has toet g a cinerta rc pegeenta g toive him aic tket
4:29 pm
>> wee aroi gngo tat wch cl y.osel r ouu focss i on the draemocts an hed tey ar all gngetti on a eplan andom cing ,here and we ar eee singse clolyh w iosoi gng to la be gndin. t >>hat does i ftorme . ck bayo to u. >>nk tha you verychmu. it iser intinestog tar hem fro stthe eaffilr, h claryonlinton w l al 6f o ctheusauc sitest athe ca . sino t a loof caulinry iunon, and dtheyt idn'rsendoite e her idcand ate. he>> touy br ghtup s outh lcaro aina,hend tri piemars of is thr yea rtheblepusican ap wr uped pp 4.m. our ti. me and nbc news isro ptijecng do tnaldprum won the s outh licaroprna y.imar ug heor f dnaold utrmp. 1 ce pernte rinportg m arcorubio, d tezcru andjebb ushn i a neck an ecd nknd a tinecke.
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ucprod ae sgtronum n tbero keep it ng goio int vane da. hohe ttugh he had a gdoot shon i h soutlicarona. th arey e big sfan ofeo g wrge. b ush. he>> tvey hada uptedli syghtl cesin lathe imst t se weheaw tm. i stall cgllin it1 pecernt. andar mubco rio and czru oscler. i >>t is ach wat pa,rtyh were s hipo supsrter are ausnxioly aw ngaiti forn thigso t rtepor so th aney c get on toeb celerat nghopi it is ae scond place vi rycto forco mar ru. bio >> wi we llinremd ervots, vi sewert ra aher,nd tevors, who ar e hwatcing,e ware ara bin ru tst of nvaedato hisalricnd a tipoli calrspeivpecte. wehavea dr.a srand us caoegrove.
4:31 pm
oaren c agollee ca,mpusha wt have hbeenngeariro fm your st tudens. we b areeen hngeariha t tthey ar seorupptingni bere ersands. >> i'mat csn. ether's a --he trere afe diftren st ntudehes, tey ar older,nd a th arey e beli,ralnd at ias w ie tod tir the perecsp ttiveo e thifir le tusin.atio heso t pecersp ttive chategolle ud st wentsentor fer bnie ersandas, mybeni usiverty st tsuden are tre,uut b not ce neilssarhey tmu com nity l co. lege >> i'm aom ctymuniol c lege uagradte. il wil never makeha tt stmi. ake a >>ndt wha did youese? y >>awou sre moni bernde sa ers thanin clton, aicert.nly d anon cersideabl teint.res i e hav two bigs clases for a rs fieat yr s.clas atheyotre nha tt into . it ithissew n to . them
4:32 pm
orseni as,ndd grauate udstedent, mo freorer bsanie s ndernoand t ll hiclary n.into a >> ps aderesi ont lf aeeagu of te vors,la hilliry c, nton they alookht tis tusionati,h tey ok lo athi ts firstem falen i ohisto ry tbe the first pr enesidf t othe udnite atstes, an hed s wonbo autal hfth of e alfeme vo. te 55 enperct. youro bught up a good t,point i otis nus jtut abo ndge er. doyouhi tnkt i isch psygyolo bl owt thahe sn did w'tin for ma fele s?vote >> . no i tedalko t aer pson t whatas in goorg fni bernde sa ers. thand ope tamic ce ue'p, wll ha leve pntye mor feemal idcand aatesrfte isth. e'thers a getneralionahi sft w there ahereerre cntaih figts u yoa hveo tht fig fornifemist, an d dtheyon'tea relizt thahe t
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in herds minhe t pre'sar irpaty. d anre whehe ten gioerat bneefor it wasn't the scae. ur>> o reach is farnd a idwe, as we bgrinu yo siapecovl ceeragf o theuccaus. w >>ean wt to check in re,no and yterrs i theret atheti sta uonp er the. we ve han beek talingbo aut how iebernd san dersidtt beer in re hano tren hecl in coark y.unt >> w ias aet th oneth of e cucaus calo,tion andt tha d,di in c fat, ehappn. e thn tur out was emextrely y.heav t it tookehre hsouror fpl peoe heto cck inth at eni usiverfty o ne vadaen ro. an dy thehad to bkreave eneryo up o int 7 gs rouppand uthe tm to in 7fe difrent toncehey g otdeinsi. he ty arstted,ou y w,kno ngduri
4:34 pm
you coulde tll rightwa ayha tt e ther awas vofae.rit il hryla incln'tos desi, r hedesi t, gheuproas w abvi le. ey th had 6 undedecid rsvote out of all of the m. dan they allid sedit wher be ni ersands. o fut ot tha one ,room he got 10 de atlegndes ail h claryonlint t gone no. we,knowos acrhes tst ,ate rsvote had afe difrent oich ce. th sat i w whatas inin leos acrs e th estat. th ose hryillant clionup serports ey tht lef theni uitversy di oisapp bntedut notor fy, ver ry veg. lon i >> s'll iendt btoack u.yo i >>t ises jsican is.vega i wasde wongrin from the peeopl yo avu hene beak speing with,
4:35 pm
cl n into?play hepe simnt t empcainaigng. di dha tte hlpil h claryonlint at ?all >> he didpe snd an awful lot of t uimep rehe, and when heme cos to sp,eak he draws dscrow. nwheni berne sadersom c teso to hwn,ews draus thosand of lepeop,ni bernde saers andil bl t isheam se way and sos doe hi y llarntclion. ey the havr theichspeenes i al sm lerve, nuess it ihard to see m howanyeo pplen tur out. an dry eveewher i have been,nd a he otr eprrsortehe, t vesenure a so alsml,y theur tneo pple waay. it w sho ysouhe t ndemad. it has got to lphe. >>re appeciat the meti. hyouave our own coverage up etherth of eu sitnatio in weasho co . unty ow>> dn rhee, we want tock che in w,noe w sepok toef jfth at e
4:36 pm
>>ha we ve john terainrn dow in he sondern. ouit s lnded ikea vryicto ee spch. >> john, yuo hadhe ta s me esimpr,sionnd aot a l of his su tpporerse wrest jus a tlehrild as if he won datoy. dheid nowarr thegi marno s we ll. >> iin thkha t tt'she big point. we u shoelld tl himha tt he lo,st c wean jeok atbou that. ashe wy, verry venk thaful for ll hiclary onint. d ansa yingon culgratnsatio to he r. bu et h issi conngderis thina wi mfro his orsuppts. an ed hay shis tss i a win, and dsnee to skpar a lurevo. tion 'sthat what h teold his orsupp. ters w>> ihatnk thi is hainppeng, at th aseo pheple urar osa mesge an d its in aor impttan ssmeage,
4:37 pm
of anri amecano stycieo tday and ta lo p ofeeopl don't fall to ptheressnd ahe ta fctt tha we ve ha aor cruptpa camign fceinan sy mste w ihichs rundein mding theoc dem. racy la[app]use. er[che.]ing t hatas wni bernde saers as g heot to sditanngva otionhe t t en iretime. th reey ay, very verfi contdenn i is h sitandngea hdingo int the h soutlicarondna a super es tu day. ether's au hge showf opo suprt wforhat hes doe and the mgeessa hwit the youngot v wersithar lge mb nu iersn ndaevae somgthint tha maymp iact s outhlicarona and s tuperayuesd t andhe stref o theaicampgn. e th nrsumbe are kishocng. >>or f sure. k thanveyou mury ch. a >>nd let'sk taltl litite b
4:38 pm
bigme mo,ntum it isow h hes i infundg. do hees t 48er pcentho swingn i va ne dahelp hi?m >> s i'm iuret . does an d sadintppoi,ment heid d n't n wi. t bu its ihe txt nees bt thing r fo be ernisas.nder if lyouook atht eis lt of ne vada nodors,t is itl mosy ma sll nemoy, and pleeop me reg.etin 50, 50, . 25 th arey e itcomm. ted an td ihink t'sheres thie sinc ofmi comnttmehe tirpa rt, and ll wii hllclary n,intout b the rn beanie s cdersigampaeln rying on t thal smaler pgrou. ilit wlel hp you get mevenore eas hs goe on. >> er bsanie snder andil h lary toclinean hd toth souol car ina rewhey the bwille dnguki it out r fo the win ethre. g riht w,noub repnslicare ang doi th xat eacte samgthin. e tharprimiess cloed at 4. pm. ur o ti me.
4:39 pm
thennwi er. d an it ishi sngfti to wilho wl n wion secd acple? rc mabio rur o o -- >> tedrucz. it l couod g eerith way. >> 2ce perntth of eum nbersre a in. po reg.rtin e thum nsberre aoc jgkin ouarnd, d an jebh bus wasig rht uerp the it wedh tz cru andco mario rub as re mo vteos are uncoted,ou y can hseese ia fgllinff oh wit 10 rc pe ent. 'm>> ir cuious tor bing the pe ex brtsackn i here. shee madeaa grit pont, wed nee to hseeowel wl jebus bh does, he ds needo to l wel ehnougdo to iwelln vane da. ubrepnlicaan ctedidares a on e thayir w rehe. at who dyou think? isis h prmerfoeanc in s outh
4:40 pm
.. . > > -- weaw s thet lasle eoncti c cysle a well, the vsote't don ysalwal folhow t enemoy. > hi> wch be erniersandsks tal tabou the fceinan system and how it ee nds to anchge, he is ch inanggis h fncinaing andow crd cesours. >> r theliepub wcans cillome re hed , anarprim oy isn datuesy. y ifanou wt v toterurn ou t. ld ho aingc cauus on a saaturdy, t hat m makesore se nse.
4:41 pm
out. on>> dtrald ump weaas l idingn the 1 plolh tate wehav seen, it aris hdo t poll forhe t causuc. so t whapehapns ?now do d thed onalp trumlepeopk loo s at outhroca?lina tareheymi comdtter ore ahe ty stregid?ere blrepus icant don'w allo dsameay an nd ou a tyesda ghnit. sit idi traaltionct eleion y,da t bu y houave a 2-3 h wourkor wi th. sit i noto ging to lhep. >> n wheou yal tkbo authe t dnow de si of a uscauc,ne o t ofhe sp icecifng thisod tayn iev nada sthatofort ke li a, younokw, ru dbbee thgwron way, odorthox jewsou ctldn' rtpaaicipte,t is i sa h.bbat i >>l wildd ath to anat, d ether's a da7-ydd ati venst
4:42 pm
an ed h sidae hav aoo gd atsabbh. an dh o yeyoah, ulu co cdn'tsaucu ouif yte wano.d t >> nd a so inha tt see,ns r liepub acansrein saygar we e tr gyin b toeor me disever, 5 cl o'onock a tues iday,tis ar h tdero get eth. re we h'll taveeo se how itrk wos t. ou >> wepp aatreciehe tna aislys th atar we eet g ftingmrour o pe ex. rts t>> i ils alut abo the rsvote. we 're trying toep ke trackf o ha whet t pleeope ar thininkg. >> we e aratout wn toar squ ing anda tinlkog t the tevors. w hhatbeave en hareingm frohe t te vors? wh avat hue yon bee hengari? t >> fhei trsthing'm iea hring mfro theer vots isoc smeial dia a plyed a huge rtpa, notn olyn i tigeteong p opleut to uccaus, to tgeh teos relsu. ts ili wlal tk to mejas.
4:43 pm
etime wer you up? >> ut abo 8r o 9hi ts rnmo. ing w >>hoid d youcu caus for? s thiisre whe youtoget caulkcus fo r? h >>rillay incl ton. >> la hilry incl ton. wh y? i >>re age with her esissu. hii thank tt c shean do ad goo j orob fhe t cou antrynd ho llpefuhey sll wi wi n. >> ha wt was yourau ccus ca lo?tion >> ahet t sp'sring hghisc . hool >> t whathwas ene sce e?ther so meit s hesadom crputero pmsble an omd sefe lt gealtor.the >> thest la ponersai sdhe tre we re licomponcatis. t >> here werefew,f i any at l. al it awasmo soth antronsitihe, ty go teo pple in. an od n ha. ssle no>> arthe big cesontnt o the ot her desi,he tre icpubl ans
4:44 pm
dwhatouo ynk thibo aut that? d uo yonk thio swiwe ll see a cdemorat andep rcaublining nenomie? h >>fuopelo n costnte. do i tn't whinkee are r fadyor na doruld t mp yet. rwe aeo nt erthe. ni'motrt staing to see him inmaktrg s aidesnd ngmakihe t no timina. ons llwe've ha to play it out adn wsee iheret goes. a >> lotf o ppleoeid sat tha ne wvada tashe lusitmt esto fr ri afamcan caerin tevors,la bck rsvote,at lino vs,oteryo do u in thatk the thte vor ctseors, tthatwhey ereit exced tdaoy . some >> i. did sa i w a vyer drsivee dcrow. ou ab t60er pcente weris hicpan and teshe r ut ofdes ma t uphe cr owd. ll hiclary ninto a hasy vero god owfoll aingnd she can s doeom
4:45 pm
wh reat a g you toingllo ter you mi faholy we havnbee ,here autbo yo ayur dau cincusg here in va nendda ai harlliny clton sd,ai ithisots n ain wor f me,ut b ptheeeopl whoau ccus for me. >> it wan tthemoo knhaw tt ti vosng i ource voi and get out an dtvoe. yoif unt wao t see gchane. it wo is rthit. >> jesam for hlail cryntli on to . day k thanveyou ucry morh fki talng to at us wn to arsque. t >>hereou y have it. e on otherso pernho w wasp u ea arlynend kw wherego to and he t wen toor nthas las veg and dstoobe to unco. ted we areop hingo tea hr from lepeop wweho re glad to hear bo autal donumd trwp's ain,nd lo ssse and soome ef thni bere ersands's ppsuerorts. th wat'shatar we eea hring here t atown resqua. ll>> a t.righ th yoank ryu veh muc. >>inaga, thedl heasine is
4:46 pm
crdemoatau csecu s52, toer bnie sa s nder48. >> and the sxubtett thahe t race go t so close inh te sraevel e wenks ad iinthk 5 wesek ago ha ild h claryonlinthe aad by 25 pe t.rcen t >>wahat hes ti f lrstineut o ofni bere ersands's mouthha wt awason ciocess neespch. he elxpneaidt i lkei ato vicry e sp bechusecaee h wasb ale to eclosha tt gap so well. we have sound from both speeches now. we'll listen to that. >> th> nkaou yer vmuy . ch th yoank u. k than you. la[app]use. >>ha tnk you, naevad forhe t orsupphet, t srtuppot thawe
4:47 pm
youkn,ow i am so, so llthrinded a so gfuratel to all of my srtuppoers out erthe. so me mayhavebt dous,ed u he [cgerin.] but weer nevou dbted each he [cg.erin] la[app]use. a >>hind te s onoris f. you >> so> , aiagn, s thewitatede to s,tal f 52orla hilry inclton, an 48d forni bere nsa. ders an erd hne iar clk uncoty. 55 pnerceto t45 rpe,cent ll hiclary n into. won and weasho ctyount iwas fl d.ippe >> 7ut o of 10eo ppleiv le in cl arktycoun. y ifooou lk atht eum nbers in sh waoe unco ity,t flip fpelopd wi ther bsanie snderom cingt oua head 54 enperct, and kineep mi nd,o ren l aot of ways a ll co egetown.
4:48 pm
an dni berane sdersot gpo suprt om fr the cgollee d.crow >> e the datmocricop piulaton in wa esho cyount is quiteib leral acomp tred domoescratos acrhes t a stte. >> yes. u yoil wndl fit tha tinheur rals to o. we l wild fine mor maoderte mo descrat. avwe h me somoany re. t atahe stime tme,he herds get ibig,t tshin the houerd t. n reo, sye,ol c legetown,n ad fa tycul is ag biar pt t of he uncomm aityhnd tat iennflu ced forer bnie esandrs. >> asweat wchhe tb numers incomng iom frth souol car ina withna dotrld p,um we'll get ba tckho temn iw a fenumi. tes wek loo aet th rliepubcancu caus t onayuesd ghnit. e thur rals are cetompl ely di enffert. th are pties onehe tcu causesow h ey thnt wa toun r . them >> pleeop gefort, tcahey n set th reirsuleha wrtevehe tty par mb mewers tant. o do
4:49 pm
uc ca tus, wheyillhe cck i 5n at cl o',ock one hour and m ieetn e on big rmoo and t iheres sp peokess rsonthfor eoe pple nn ruing and you wlilha pnd aair oballyot, ilu w al be tbleo l tandk, a . stay heor cckho wou yt, wanl seait up p andtut i in b the aoxnd av lee. >> at 8:30n whey theo cunt them. u yoan c leavend aom ce back. 'thatkas oy u yowacan thtch une cott a 8:30. he>> trey weav hingpl peoeta snd in theor cner oef th ro,om and ge gttinpl peooe te com veor. p >>e eopl said tthathe de lay was rethe. nd aeo ppleai wted untiloo nnnd a m toake seurha tthe trey we re ergisted.
4:50 pm
>>et l's go bkac outn i the fi eld. hjeffeeas b cn ateasar;''sce'sasar. >> s weheee tmk pacingp uhe t bl ereachehs b ind you. th ome rocl is inearoug t. ta olk t usou abtha wtwa it s li nke it tha room? >> llwe, aagin, ist wa a ll coveectih sigf o re. lief an d i'mlo gokine arr rstedight no w. it is baasic tllyhern joutalis ef lnt i the omro. an d a fewli cnton srtuppoers ft le. >> t ihisshe wn a aicamp agn, su sfccescaul gnmpaihe, wnt i ns wi, itve gis a -- it exhuaulslesexs.hale it wanakto tu e yo abackek we
4:51 pm
hewhet nr orotla hilliry cnton ldwoul pulhi ts voricty out. th ea cmpaignen st out an en interg meo,mnd at i was done h byater nalionam cnpaig na ma. ger theks fol inoo brnkly sag,yin k,looh weil the fstirou fr testas are poimt,rtan butt mos o ef thtl bate is in chmar. t bu't donte quoe m on a nuermb, er56 p ocentef th dateleges are up for grabse oncy theea lve he re. >> a weekm fro datoy,ou sth ro caa.lin at thou shbeld , and i couch my sword rehe, sd houlbe ala hilry cl ninto wi n. e sh hasrw ovemihelupng sport on amfrg a aicancamerinn ith sou licaro ana,nd theol pling iee s ep kee an nye orc mah. 'sthat theuf bfer for hernd a rn besaie rsnde 'spacam ign. andt thaois g tingelo tsl u who is gngoio t meov aforwrd. ck ba toyou. >>ha tounk yy verchmu.
4:52 pm
to tt twi tero redminhe tir su tepporrs, ttveers, hey, sayn i li ne. -- vo. ters st iayn line. ndremiss u theow per ofi socal di mea. an hd webeave enon minitorg so mcial fedia aeeds cndsaucu pi ecturnds a devi os. >> andh ten ourol palitic rexpeerts wthe . ere we are tinalkg a tboutoshe mt we po irfulesmag t ofhe y.da re hene's of o them. thisuis q aite mee.ssag >>il h clarytolinnug hggin a ngyoupo sup. rter landoatinoc blknd a that a -- u yo know aca so-lled derream and panmp ianortot v wicehen it me coos t grimmionati. h >>s ere'ssa me age-treedweet, rmdeteioinatndn a t,hears thiis ur yo win. an thuk yoy verh,muc. h fromil h clarytolinn rhef.sel >> is th f isromni bere ersands.
4:53 pm
ne avadand the srtuppo andhe t bo tosthaty the will give us as we mfoove drwar. d anth anomer iagem fro erhend,sonh wit srtuppoers and se nd out griatheng in erhendson. b heut tma igesro fm p thec,ubli om frt souhernne vada whoh sowed tthat aheyarre pft ohi ts esprocs. a rfpoweroul p. cess anwe w kt toeephe ton csvernatio nggoi. ha soure yrug thohtsth of e day, an d your im. ages >> we are lniisteng onll a oc smeial dia plrmatfos. >> ck ba to u.yo t>> hankveyou mury ch. >> i w tantoo gac bkck quilyfo r th ers fi pthohato tt sheho swed hwit y thengouirer gl hnguggi il h clarytolinn. i ot'm ne sur ift i is the same fgirlrom the mmcoalerci. nti wat to aalkbout thatpo st. w ithin lato vote.
4:54 pm
tileterng h asker h qiuestons d anti let hnger spre. ond ha>> tst wa a huzmani ing. o>> tec rzeogniha tte whave a very largea ltino lpopun,atio d ant tha tarhey e poimt.rtan d an ifhe tey ar goingo t tevo, ey th g aregoinbe to reogc. nize >> morend ae mor as each telec ionsosean,ha tt vngoti ckblo csomemp itaor fntorhe tm wwho antinto w the e.stat a >>ndin makisg th e they arl uscauc, the first in the stwe, ca beofuse d thereiffentverseityeyitdiitversy. >> i andnk thiot a lpe of ople saput w y hooeit d os inur st ate. hoand eyw th g are toing o do ngmoviwa forrd. >> k we hnowhiow t tngsdurne out, hrillainy clton wnginni 52
4:55 pm
>> tishis r the taceato wnch i ut soroh ca alinase w move arforwnd iheto t evg.enin w >> weant to bngrip u in south ro ca,linaal donumd trsp iay w o ut a head. t >>arhey e pctroje tinghate h is ng goi to win. d anha we ve ak necnd a n reckeac fo ecr sond apl. ce >> s a youknow, theed t cr uz, sh bund, aar mubco riore a e.clos >>e w 6have penercft o po reg,rtinnd a c tedruznd a rc mabio runo i aea dd ti e. hbotam cnpaigs are pngutti who wi all tecke sond pl ace. ldonaumd trasp w theoj prdecte wi rnne andhe tey arut pting as ch muo ints thiho w willak te s deconac ple. >> it is aig bom mument anchger. et>> l'sk asur oxp eerts to way in,th wher er o tnotheol pls
4:56 pm
ey thd saiy theldwoue vot to na dotrld aump,ndng goido to it . >> r aue yo rpsudrise? >> t atpohis int,no. th eoe pple wreho aoi gng tteo vo form,hir ae rteegisdre v toote and voting. >>yo if e u arintalkbg aout es istablthmen reipubls,can wh eroevy the tare,ehar mco ru hbio as pedullut o aea hd of s bundh, ay theareht figing to be theer modatece voind a the es istablthmence voi t ishatn joh chkasi o isdeutsi ofatth. d an t asovhe gorern of oh,io he nis i a sgwin atste. 'sthator imp ftantorp peole to idconser. >> and it isnt itiereseong pple hi icstory,allou i wavld he meassuhad tet h didl wel in w ioa, and newshhamp,irebe may hyouadar h tder iimenou sth licarona. it sn doee't semke li hes i nghavich mu essuccs,la expginin wh so i he. he hasol picyxp eenerindce a he
4:57 pm
hets gera dwn tin ooerth tdebandes a it is ginettgos lt. >> re thepe's sticulahaon tteb j sh bu d mayroput o and itoe dsn't slooke like h is. >> ipe susct he is goinggo to on tghhrou dnevaa. an dlypart, and n,agaihi tso ges ck ba to the elistabntshmeli ne. yoif uo lokt a the rliepubcan do enenrsem ts,bush and rubio are li spts the ttiradi onalougr. p an d dd onalmptru has theth furer t tohe right p.grou an od sr tump hasor st ofps uet th ple apcae rt. nso,owt is i g toingo beho w
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
rouov cerereag alls eyeof theit policalld wor owerenad neva. e>> w h sawyeavno turorut f the uccaus. peeoplnd sta iingnon lgin leso s


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